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Sisters Sisters A New Christmas Classic by the O’Brien Sisters

Our version of Sisters featuring all of the Characters by the O’Brien Sisters

Sisters Sisters Doo Doo Do Dooo Sisters

Never can remember 2nd line of that song.

Well even if you did, you’d still get it wrong.

Fanny and Charlie Cheeks

Charlie Fanny keeping you safe in Butts County.


Roxie and Rose: Advice Corner

When a certain gentleman arrives from Rome

If he don’t have any money, you just send him home!


All kinds weather Roadkill Rangels stick together

I need a bigger shovel…

What to pick up that poodle puddle?



Two different faces, thank you Dr. Finkelshtein

But in tight places, we think and we act as one.


Those who’ve seen us, not a thing can come between us

Except a van door

That my sister shut on me, when I fell on the beach

And Dad ran over your leg

Thanks a lot.


(Jenny has forgiven Robin for shutting the van door on her.  Hear the full “Van Running over Leg Story” here.